10 Hacks to Quickly Grow Your YouTube Subscribers

Harshita Agrawal

Harshita Agrawal is the Founder of eSocMedia. She is a social media and influencer marketing specialist who spends most of her time behind the screen. She's also an avid reader and a travel enthusiast.

Creating YouTube videos can be very exciting. But, when it doesn’t bring you enough views and subscribers, the idea of becoming a YouTube celebrity may seem daunting. Growing your YouTube subscribers is one of the first steps to becoming famous on YouTube. 

Your number of subscribers speak a lot about your popularity on YouTube. You might need to spend as much time promoting your video as you spend creating it. In this article, we have some amazing hacks to quickly grow your YouTube subscribers and increase your video views.

Post at Least One Video a Week

YouTube creators who post frequently get the SEO advantage as their videos rank for more keywords. More the videos, the better the chances of reaching newer audiences and being discovered more easily. 

Another benefit of posting consistently is it keeps your channel fresh and users don’t feel like they stumbled on an inactive YouTube channel.

Add a Subscription Watermark to Videos

Did you know that YouTube lets you add a watermark to all your videos? You can create a custom watermark with your brand and subscription button that can let your viewers subscribe to your YouTube account. This trick can do wonders as they consistently remind users to subscribe to your channel.

Focus on the Keyword while Creating the Video

According to research, searches of “how-to” keywords on YouTube are growing by 70%. Staying up-to-date with the trends and creating videos that are keyword-focused can help you in the long-run. You can use the Google keyword planner to find keywords in your niche before you begin creating a video. Optimizing the keyword in your text, description, and video can help you perform well in the search results. 

Create Playlists in your YouTube Channel

Creating playlists in your YouTube channel can be quite useful for your viewers who are interested in your videos. You can create playlists like “beginner” for the first-timers, “how-to” to add your tricks and tips, etc. Categorizing your videos can make your YouTube channel easier to navigate and motivate viewers to subscribe to your YouTube channel. 

Reply to all the Comments on the YouTube Videos

Just like all other social media platforms, YouTube also runs on engagement. And, if your viewers’ comment on your videos, you must comment back to ace the engagement game. Replying to comments helps your video rank higher and increases visibility. 

Add Default Subscription Text to the YouTube Videos:

In all your videos, you can add a default text asking users to subscribe to your YouTube channel. By adding a default description text to all your videos asking for subscription, you can increase your YouTube subscribers.

Translate Popular Videos into Multiple Languages

If you have a high performing video, then it would be really smart to translate your videos into other languages. You can take a look at your audience insights to see the demographics of your video before selecting the languages to translate into.

Adding multiple translations of your famous video can help you earn worldwide subscribers and not limit yourself to a particular geography.

Use Cards and End Screens

Linking your videos can retain your viewers and let them develop interest in your channel. When viewers watch more and more of your videos, they are likely to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You can also use YouTube cards to remind users to subscribe to your channel for more videos. 

Collaborate with other YouTube Influencers

You can collaborate with famous YouTube influencers to add your video to their end screens or YouTube cards for compensation. Or, you can mutually collaborate with YouTube influencers to promote each others’ videos to gain subscribers and increase views. This can be a real quick way to gain new subscribers. 

Collaborate with other Social Media Influencers

Other than YouTube influencers, you can also collaborate with other social media influencers to promote your video. These influencers can add your videos to their websites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest account and help you gain traffic from new sources. 

Social media influencers can bring new eyes outside of YouTube to your video and promote your content even further. 


You would need to implement a mix of several strategies to grow your YouTube subscribers. Try to work out the steps above and see which methods work best for your niche and audience. YouTube can be challenging at first, but the end results will make up for the effort. 

If you have any questions promoting your YouTube videos and growing your subscribers, you can share it with us in the comments below. 

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