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Gives brands & agencies more ways to make budgets work harder.

A full stack of solutions at every step of influencer marketing workflow:

Discover influencers with the audiences you need within a 10M+ database
  • 11M+ database
  • Demographic search
  • Audience Quality filters
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Over 35 in-depth metrics to analyse Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok influencers
  • Audience Demographics
  • Fraud Detection
  • Brand Affinity
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Track ad campaign performance & account growth over time
  • Track Campaign Results
  • Account Growth Analysis
  • Build & Share Reports
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Custom competitor activity analysis & overall market researches
  • Custom Mentions Reports
  • Market Analytics
  • Top & Trending Charts
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Get a best-in-class analytical report of any Instagram, YouTube or TikTok account
  • Over 10M influencers in the database
  • 35+ metrics for influencer vetting
  • Best in class AI Fraud Detection
Example reports:

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We deliver industry standard data & insights for success in Influencer marketing:

Total accounts in database
New Influencers discovered daily
Total report requests processed
Of all known fraud activity detected

Use HypeAuditor on every step of Influencer marketing workflow & analytics:

Discovery hub

Find the best influencers with Influencer Discovery, the largest in the market

Discover perfectly matched Instagram, YouTube and TikTok influencers across 12M+ profiles using a set of filters that will help to refine the list to high-quality profiles.

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Influencer Discovery, search Instagram and YouTube influencers
Report hub

Industry standard in advanced Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok analytical reports

Over 35 in-depth metrics to analyze Instagram & YouTube influencers. Audience location, age-gender split, authenticity & reachability, overall audience quality.

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Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok analytical reports
Tracking hub

Boost your ad campaign performance & track account growth over time

Analyze Instagram growth, compare creators, and track influencer marketing campaign performance with HypeAuditor AI-powered tools for data-driven influencer marketing.

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Track influencer marketing campaign performance & accounts growth

We set a standard in Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok account analytics to make influencer marketing transparent, fair, and effective

“HypeAuditor can help you identify influencers based on reach, demographics and audience. These tools can also help ensure you're connecting with influencers who are authentically engaging with real followers.”

“Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy, Advertisers Wonder Who’s Listenin. Billions are paid to social-media personalities to pitch products in an influencer economy riddled with deceit.”

“A new study by HypeAuditor reported by Social Media Today found that influencers across tiers of follower counts almost unanimously saw their Like counts fall in countries where the hidden Like count test was active.”

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You can spend thousands of dollars on shoutouts or ads before you understand that all the new followers that you’ve gained are bots and mass followers. To combat this trend, we’ve developed our platform with best-in-class analytical data to help you perform better than your competitors.

Alexander Frolov
CEO, HypeAuditor
Alexander Frolov, CEO, HypeAuditor

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