Analyze any Instagram account
for fake followers and likes

Have you ever thought why your influencer marketing never works? Here are top 3 reasons

1. You don't know the demography of the influencer’s audience

You might think that the audience of a fitness blogger from US is mostly women from US. It might actually be men from Turkey. Are they your target audience?

2. Influencers buy fake followers

They increase audience size artificially to fool advertises and be paid more. Auditor shows audience breakdown: real people vs bots, that will never make a profit.

3. Engagement Rate might be not representative

Savvy bloggers also buy likes and comments to increase ER. That’s why we analyze engagement authenticity to answer: were those likes and comments made by real people?

Success Fail Story


doesn’t mean “effective”

Boxy Charm monthly beauty subscription boxes are actively promoted by influencers. Let’s compare the brief with actual campaign result measured by Auditor.
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