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New Report Examines the Impact of Instagram's Hidden Likes Experiment on Influencer Engagement

This week, influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor has released a study of content from more than 154k Instagram influencers, each of whom sees at least 30% of their following coming from users in the regions in which Instagram's hidden Like counts test is currently running.

Instagram influencer fraud in Singapore pegged at over 47% by analytics firm HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor CEO Alex Frolov said: “Over 17% of Instagram influencers artificially inflate their comments. That is why most comments look inauthentic and spammy. About 9.9% use comment pods – a group of Instagrammers who work together to enhance the engagement on their posts. They engage with each other, liking and writing comments on other pod members.

Instagram to test hiding Like counts in US, which could hurt influencers

A new study by HypeAuditor reported by Social Media Today found that influencers across tiers of follower counts almost unanimously saw their Like counts fall in countries where the hidden Like count test was active. Likes fell 3% to 15% in all the countries for influencers with 5,000 to 20,000 followers.

Online Influencers Tell You What to Buy, Advertisers Wonder Who’s Listening

Billions are paid to social-media personalities to pitch products in an influencer economy riddled with deceit.

Is this the end of the Instagram’s follow-unfollow trick?

Hypeauditor’s research shows the limits made to individual IP addresses have caused a decline in the use of the popular follow-unfollow method by as much as 84% within the first month of the update.

What It Means For Virtual Instagram Influencers’ Popularity Rising

Despite the ups and downs of the CGI-influencer presence on social media, social media analytics firm HypeAuditor’s recent release of the “Top Instagram Virtual Influencers in 2019” reveals recent trends in the demographic.

Instagram et les influenceurs : de nombreux fraudeurs parmi les francophones Instagram and influencers: many fraudsters among francophones

HypeAuditor est un outil d’analyse dédié à Instagram et YouTube. Il utilise un algorithme qui lui est utile pour mieux comprendre le public du créateur de contenu. Cet outil peut être utilisé par des marques ou annonceurs afin de faire le meilleur investissement possible (comprendre ici que la marque va collaborer avec l’influenceur qui pourra lui donner le maximum de visibilité et dont le public sera le plus susceptible de passer à l’achat).

HypeAuditor is an analytics tool dedicated to Instagram and YouTube. He uses an algorithm that is useful for him to better understand the audience of the creator of content. This tool can be used by brands or advertisers to make the best investment possible (understand here that the brand will collaborate with the influencer who can give him the maximum visibility and which the public will be most likely to pass to the purchase).


Influence4You et HypeAuditor se sont associés pour dresser l’état des lieux du marketing d’influence sur Instagram en France, entre dérives et opportunités.

Influence4You and HypeAuditor have teamed up to take stock of Influence marketing on Instagram in France, between excesses and opportunities.

SELENA'S A WIN-STA Selena Gomez crowned top Instagram celeb beating Kylie Jenner and Ronaldo

Social media-monitoring site Hype Auditor places her top because she gets an average of 3.6 million likes per post.

Boffins at the site use programmes to weed out fake followers and the data is used by firms wanting to get the best value for money from stars plugging products and services.

Measurement experts: Influencer cost not rising, but brands need courage to negotiate better rates

A study by HypeAuditor – one of the industry's preferred fraud-detection tools – found the majority of UK Instagram influencer accounts engage in some form of fakery, while another study estimates that 15 per cent of influencer adspend ($1.3bn) reaches fake followers.

Fighting Instagram's $1.3 Billion Problem—Fake Followers

That's why HelloSociety and most other influencer marketing businesses rely on online tools to sniff out counterfeit or fraudulent accounts—and influencers who profit from them. All of these tools (and there are many, with names like Social Audit Pro, IG Audit, Hypr, HypeAuditor, and Famoid) work a little differently, but they're all looking for deviations from the platform's norm. An account with no profile picture, say, or one that follows 10,000 people and never posts. Also suspicious: lots of digits in the username, or a person who seems to live in Turkey or Indonesia, but follows only California-based influencers.

Why Instagram Hiding Likes Will Make Your Feed Less Awful

An early study by analytics company HypeAuditor found that influencers with followings of between 5,000 and 20,000 lost up to 15 per cent of their likes when they were hidden – out of sight, out of mind for both viewers and content creators. But many have now come around to the benefits it gives them. And they believe that it will change the kind of content that you see on Instagram.

This 23-year-old has made $120,000 buying and selling Instagram accounts

He told MarketWatch he uses the service Hype Auditor to verify the authenticity of the accounts he follows. “I even go to all of the profiles personally and look through the comments to make sure they are from real people,” Halloun said.

Instagram's decision to remove likes could help mend some of the mental health damage caused by the competitive social media influencer industry

According to a preliminary study by influencer marketing platform HypeAuditor, in Japan and the UK, likes actually increased for influencers with 100,000 to 1 million followers after they were hidden, although they dropped significantly in Brazil and Australia, and fell slightly in Ireland and Italy.

How to Promote Transparency and Trust with Influencer Marketing

There are also some handy tools to help show an influencer’s statistics. Hype Auditor shows an account’s follower growth and average engagement rate. If there are large spikes in followers, this could suggest an influencer has bought them.

“Follower fraud” widespread among Singapore’s influencers

According to a recent study by social media analytics tool HypeAuditor, 47 percent of Singapore influencers use artificial methods to increase their Instagram followers, likes, comments, and overall engagement. HypeAuditor used artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify social media fraud.

Die Applausfabrik: So funktioniert die Industrie hinter gekauften Likes und Followern The applause factory: How the industry works behind bought Likes and followers

Aber es gibt Schummel-Detektoren für Manipulation auf Instagram. Einer davon ist das Tool HypeAuditor. Damit können Firmen gegen Gebühr die Accounts von Influencern checken, zum Beispiel auf verdächtige Sprünge in der Followerzahl. Die Analysten schätzen, dass es bei jedem vierten Instagram-Account in Deutschland auffälliges Wachstum gebe. So steht es in einer 2019 veröffentlichen Datenauswertung.

But there are cheat detectors for manipulation on Instagram. One of them is the tool HypeAuditor. This allows companies to check the accounts of influencers for a fee, for example, suspicious jumps in the number of followers. The analysts estimate that there is noticeable growth for every fourth Instagram account in Germany. So it says in a 2019 published data analysis.

Instagram : Les Influenceurs Virtuels Vont-Ils Ringardiser les Vrais? Instagram: Virtual Influencers Will They Ringierise Real?

Malgré les hauts et les bas de la présence d’influenceurs en images de synthèse sur les médias sociaux, la société HypeAuditor, spécialisée dans l’analyse des médias sociaux, a récemment publié le « Top des Influenceurs Virtuels d’Instagram en 2019 » et révèle les tendances démographiques récentes.

Despite the highs and lows of computer-image-based social media influencers, the HypeAuditor company, which specializes in social media analytics, recently released "Instagram's Top Virtual Influencers in 2019" and reveals recent demographic trends.

Instagram tests hiding how many people like a post. That has influencers worried

In the early rollouts, influencers saw like counts fall in countries where it was hidden, a study from analytics firm HypeAuditor found. Likes fell 3% to 15% in all the countries for influencers with 5,000 to 20,000 followers.

How to Find and Evaluate Social Media Influencers

HypeAuditor is the leading Instagram social media auditing tool; it will find top trending Instgrammers, ranked by the number of quality and engaged followers and keep track of influencers previous rankings. It will show you of the main topics the influencer posts about, their audience’s geographic location and age, and the estimated authentic engagement.

How to Spot Fake Instagram Followers

Take away much of your worry about the credibility of potential influencers. You can enter any influencer's Instagram handle into the Instagram Bot Analytics Tool by HypeAuditor [Instagram Audit - Fake Follower & Audience Credibility Checker] and it will give you an excellent guide to the genuineness of the account.

How To Choose Micro-Influencers That Can Build Brand Trust

…HypeAuditor can help you identify influencers based on reach, demographics and audience. These tools can also help ensure you're connecting with influencers who are authentically engaging with real followers.

[…] Authenticity breeds trust. Seek out influencers who bring an authentic voice to their content.


'Blurred lines' - closing in on the influencer frauds

Research done by Hype Auditor for PRWeek, analysing more than 7,000 UK influencers, reveals that about half the followers of influencers with up to 20,000 followers are "low-quality", due to the inclusion of mass followers, bots, and other suspicious accounts in their followers’ ranks. It found that more than four out of 10 engagements with this group of influencers are "inauthentic".

Are Instagram influencers cheating advertisers? New tool can identify who to avoid

Auditor for Instagram has analyzed over 100,000 bloggers to provide statistics on account authenticity. It uses an audience quality score, calculated by AI to detect cheating, and identify followers who will never bring in revenue for the brand. It calculates engagement rate, authentic engagement and followers reachability and delivers an audience quality score out of 100

Love Island finalist's Instagram followers exposed: 78% of them are FAKE

Analytics provider HypeAuditor and marketing platform Takumi, shared with Daily Star Online social media statistics about the year’s Love Island stars, undertaken on August 28.

Influencer-Hype auf Instagram: Alles nur gekauft? Influencer hype on Instagram: Everything just bought?

Während "Socialblade" nur die ganz Patscherten entlarvt, lässt sich in Kombination mit dem neuen Artificial Intelligence-Tool "Hypeauditor" ziemlich genau analysieren, wie sich die Follower einer Influencerin zusammensetzen. Der kostenpflichtige "Hypeauditor" wendet sich an die Marketing-Abteilungen großer Unternehmen und soll helfen, die tatsächlich wichtigen Paramenter wie "Engagement Rate" (also Qualität von Likes und Kommentaren) auszulesen. Aus welchen Ländern kommen die meisten Fans? Wie viele davon sind "echte" Menschen? Wie wird mit Beiträgen interagiert?

While "Socialblade" exposes only the very patscherten, in combination with the new Artificial Intelligence tool "Hypeauditor" can be pretty much analyzed exactly how the followers of an influencer composed. The fee-based "hypeauditor" is aimed at the marketing departments of large companies and should help to read out the really important parameters such as "engagement rate" (ie quality of likes and comments). Which countries do most fans come from? How many are "real" people? How do you interact with posts?

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For advertisers

Invest only in influencers with quality target audience

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Use advertisers dashboard to organize your influencers and calculate audience quality of influencers for your next campaign

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Get reliable multi-source audience data including the most advanced fraud detection system

  • Qualify influencer audience quality with the most advanced fraud detection system
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Integrate via uncomplicated API to enrich reporting on your platform with audience demography, quality, and engagement authenticity

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Most advanced fraud detection system

As Influencer Marketing grows so does the price per post. This has created a market for fake followers and fake likes. Unscrupulous influencers cheat with audience size and engagement to trick unsuspecting advertisers.

HypeAuditor is your in-house expert when it comes to evaluating audience credibility. You pay per report and get data-proven Instagram and YouTube analysis in minutes, so you don’t have to hire experts.

Learn how HypeAuditor enables influencer fraud check

Key Features

  1. 01
    Audience quality analytics
    Audience quality analytics

    Get in-depth analysis of the quality of audience and find fake or ghost followers numbers. The report will show the number of real people and influencers, the percentage of mass followers and suspicious accounts.

  2. 02
    Demography and language insights
    Demography and language insights

    Find out where blogger’s audience lives and what language they speak. HypeAuditor report shows countries, cities, and states breakdown for the United States.

  3. 03
    Engagement analytics
    Engagement analytics

    Engagement Rate (ER) (% of audience that are engaged with the influencer’s content) compared to ER of similar bloggers. ER ranges with the number of bloggers with the same ER.

  4. 04
    Audience age and gender
    Audience age and gender

    Evaluate the percentage of target age group and gender among influencer’s audience. The report will show the percent of each age-gender group and overall split.

  5. 05
    Comments pod check
    Comments pod check

    Check if influencer’s comments come from an engaged and loyal audience and were not artificially incentivised.

  6. 06
    Advertisers Dashboard
    Advertisers Dashboard

    Organize your influencers and calculate the total quality audience and authentic engagement of influencers for your next campaign.

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